Whale washed ashore

WHALE LOSS: The carcass washed up on the beach between Southend and Beachport. Pic supplied.

Last Friday a small whale carcass washed up on the beach in Rivoli Bay between Southend and Beachport.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Limestone Coast District Ranger Ross Anderson said the carcass is believed to be a beaked whale.

NPWS Rangers attended the whale carcass and collected a sample for further analysis by marine mammal experts.

“Dead whales and dolphins wash up on our coast reasonably often after dying at sea as they are washed ashore by prevailing westerly winds” Mr Anderson said.

Closer to the Beachport end of the bay the carcass was noticed by a group of walkers who checked for signs of life as the whale seemed to have washed ashore recently.

A member of the group estimated the marine mammal was around four metres in length.

It was reported to authorities shortly after and WRC announced the next day via social media the carcass had been removed from the beach.