Bakery bags promote region

IN THE BAG: Scroll Queen's Dylan McQueen shows off the new bakery bags being distributed across the region.

Charlotte Varcoe

An initiative which saw bakery bags encouraging tourists to visit more across the Limestone Coast distributed by local businesses has proven successful.

The bags feature towns across the Limestone Coast including Kingston, Robe, Mount Gambier/Berrin and more.

Hailed as a success by Scroll Queen owner Dylan McQueen, the bags have already flown out his door.

“This was an opportunity which came about with Tourism South Australia,” Mr McQueen said.

“They were wanting to promote our area in terms of a bakery run which was promoting different locations for people in the Limestone Coast who may be travelling from Adelaide or Melbourne.”

He said it was an easy opportunity with a “good number” of bags to promote different regions.

“We got a whole carton and have none left,” Mr McQueen said.

“I hope it will have an effect which will promote the different bakeries and areas people can see within South Australia.”

He said tourism was the biggest industry in Mount Gambier/Berrin with many businesses profiting from the visits.

“Most of our clientele are tourists as opposed to locals sometimes,” Mr McQueen said.

“We have seen a lot of tourists come through recently and it has definitely picked up in the last year with tourism.

“This last school holiday has probably been the largest amount of visitors we have seen come through.”

Mr McQueen said although it would be difficult to judge whether the paper bags were going to help people stay longer in the region it would open travellers’ eyes to other towns.

“It will open people’s eyes to other places they may not have known about or seen and it might entice people to just go and visit different areas they have not thought about before,” he said.

“It is really good that the State Government and Tourism South Australia is trying to do what they can to help promote people to visit the great places in our state.

“It can only be a good thing to keep promoting people to visit the beautiful places we have locally as well.”

Other bakeries across the Limestone Coast promoting the bags include Morning Loaf Bakery and Bordertown Bakery in Bordertown, Mitchell’s Bakery and Café in Kingston, Rivoli Bay Deli in Beachport, Andy’s Bakery in Millicent as well as OK Pie Shop and Metro Bakery and Café in Mount Gambier/Berrin.