SES advises don’t fall for autumn

AUTUMN WARNING: The SES has warned people not to be complacent in autumn. Picture: Supplied

AS the number of calls for help to the South Australian State Emergency Service (SES) continues to trend upwards during autumn months, people are being encouraged to take a proactive approach to minimise potential damage to their homes and properties.

In 2023 the SES recorded its second highest number of Requests for Assistance on record for an autumn.

This follows year on year increases of 925 (2021), 1587 (2022) and 1719 last year.

SES chief officer Chris Beattie said many people were often caught unaware in autumn, due to the expectation of milder weather.

“The prior six months of summer and spring is when we all see a surge in the growth of trees and plants around the home,” he said.

“This growth spurt can result in people being unaware of some changes that have occurred around their property, such as tree branches now reaching over the roof of their home.

“We have all been enjoying the summer holidays, so there will be more children’s play equipment, such a swings or trampolines as well as outdoor furniture in our yards.

“With just a little preventative action, people can minimise potential impacts in and around their homes.’’

He said storms could happen anywhere at any time of year and when they’re severe they can cause major damage.

With trees due to start shedding their leaves, it is important to regularly check and clear your gutters, downpipes and drains to avoid internal or localised flooding around the home.

For emergency storm assistance people should call 132 500, for life threatening emergencies call Triple Zero (000).

For autumn preparedness the SES advises:

-Secure loose items in your yard.

-Trim trees and branches that could fall on your home or property.

-Check your insurance policy is adequate and covers you for storm damage.

-Fix any damage to your roof.

-Clear your gutters, downpipes and drains to prevent blockages.

-Be prepared for power outages.