More space for E E Muir

OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Wattle Range mayor Des Noll, Shari Noll and Ian Muir cut the ribbon at the opening.

Elisabeth Champion

A well-known Penola business has opened it’s new premises which promises to boost productivity and efficiency.

Agricultural supply company E E Muir and Sons officially opened their new premises on Ellen Street to a large crowd this month.

The new premises delivers more space for stock, as well as providing B-double access, increasing efficiency.

Key account manager Scott Hetherington said the new space was a long time coming.

“It’s a very good facility. It’s what we needed what we wanted, and we got it,’ he said.

“We can get B-double access Farmers will have more stock to choose from, we’ll have more stock here available, so we’ll be able to support our farmers a lot better.

“We’ve been here for 20 odd years, but this is the next step to helping farmers do what they’ve got to do.”

He said the new premises would allow room for further expansion of the team.

“We are wanting to employ more people.

“We’ve got to put another couple of people on this year – we’ve got enough offices to have eight people, we’ve got seven people here now and we can fit probably 12 or 13 people in here we ever have to.”

Regional forestry lead Scott Degenhardt agreed the new premises, with it’s B Double access, would make things more efficient.

Wattle Range Mayor Des Noll cut the ribbon on the new space, and congratulated the team on their expansion.

“I’m really impressed with the Muir and Sons vision and, looking at that, an organization that passionately innovates,” he said.

“I think that’s really important in terms of agricultural innovation, and I know everybody in this room reflects around innovation and inspires Australian agriculture, and that their mission statement to ‘support farmers to profitably grow and market, healthy, safe and high quality produce for generations to come’.

“I think that really much says it all and that’s extremely exciting.

“With E E Muir’s story in Penola and it’s great team servicing other communities right around the Limestone Coast and across Australia, we can be sure that all the district’s agriculture needs are being met.”