Fresh and fun approach to the future

FUTURE PLANS: MBCA committee members, Deon Howell (IMAG), Moira Neagle (MSAP), Andrew Girolamo, secretary Selena Smith and Annette Hayes say they have a fresh approach and are looking forward to the future. (Caroline Hammat: 417748)

Caroline Hammat

The Millicent Business and Community Association (MBCA) committee are calling on local business owners to attend their upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Members are hoping there is no repeat of last year’s AGM where three meetings were held before a new committee was formed.

MBCA co-chair Fiona Telfer said the group used this year to “regroup.”

“This year, we have needed time to regroup and reset our focus because originally I was the only person remaining who was involved from the year before,” she said.

“It was a fresh new group that needed that adjustment time, particularly because three of them in running positions are new to the area.”

Ms Telfer encouraged business owners or community group representatives to attend the AGM.

“We really want to generate a larger scope to drive things better suited to what people’s needs are because there are so many different industries in this area.

“There is no pressure to join the committee but we would like to see people come along.”

Committee member Andrew Girolamo from Chook House Millicent said the community needed to share what they wanted from the group.

“We are trying to build the community and do what businesses want us to do but we need business people to tell us what they want for their businesses in the community.”

The committee is also considering offering remuneration for the role of secretary and treasurer.

MBCA secretary Selena Smith said that those two roles are more than a volunteer role.

“There might be someone who has the skills or is semi-retired that is interested in talking to us,” she said.

Currently the MBCA are proceeding with plans for the annual business Christmas Light competition and are organising for a Santa’s Cave to be held in December.

In the long term the group is wanting to reintroduce the MBCA Awards as a gala event to celebrate businesses.

The current committee now includes representatives of Millicent Shares a Plate and the Imagine Millicent Arts Group which are both auspiced by the MBCA.

The MBCA AGM is scheduled for 6.30pm, Wednesday August 7, in the Grand Hotel Breakfast Room.