Summer Trophy done and dusted

SUMMER TROPHY: Wednesday stableford Division 1 winner Ronda Edwards, Ary Sports Bar and Bistro representative Chris Till, Division 2 winner Janine Dunn. Pictures: SUBMITTED

THE 30 women who teed off at the Blue Lake Golf Club last week were greeted by more-tolerable weather conditions for the fourth and final round of the Ary Sports Bar and Bistro sponsored Summer Trophy.

After two rounds of stroke, plus one each of stableford and par, points for the best three of the four rounds appear to have been evenly spread between a few contenders and will be announced at a later time.

After the last couple of weeks of dry weather, the early morning dew from necessary excessive watering seemed to be conducive to average scores posted, with 34 points the top score coming from Ronda Edwards in Division 1.

Playing off a 14 handicap, her splits of 18/16 included par three-pointers on the fourth and ninth holes, along with a birdie three-pointer on the fifth.

The inward nine saw three-pointers from pars on the par 3 14th and 16th holes, with no wipes on her scorecard.

Handicapper Dianne Perryman (20) claimed the second-place voucher after a slow start of 15 points on the outward nine, which included a par three-pointer on the fifth hole and wipes on the first and seventh.

Turning to the inward nine she scored 17, which included par three-pointers on the dog-leg 15th and par 5 17th holes.

Sue Agars (20) finished third after signing for 30 points with splits of 12/18.

She also struggled on the outward nine, with three wipes, a three-pointer on the sixth hole.

However, she had a run of par three-pointers on the eighth, 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th holes to finish strongly.

Still in her purple patch, Janine Dunn (35) claimed the win in Division 2.

Dunn scored 32 points, with the outward nine 18 made up of three three-pointers, plus a wipe on the par 4 third hole.

The inward 14 points included a three-pointer on the 15th hole.

Lynette Hirth (45) followed, with only one point separating her from Dunn.

Her 31 points were made up of splits of 15/16 after scoring two three-pointers, a wipe on the 12th and three-pointers on the 14th, 17th and 18th holes.

The third place voucher went to Bernadette Pedlar (33) who finished with 30 points from equal splits of 15/15, which included three three-pointers along with three wipes.

Nearest to the pin second shot on the 16th hole went to Agars in Division 1 and Pedlar in Division 2.

The pro-shot winner on the fifth hole was Helen Stratford, with birdie prizes awarded to Edwards on the fifth hoke and Jorja Morale on the 17th.

Chip-in ferret prizes went to Johanna Gogan on the fifth hole and Perryman on the 15th.

Meanwhile, 17 women teed off in the stableford competition on Saturday, with Lesley McPherson back in the winner’s circle with 40 points.

Macpherson (34) reaped the reward of playing consistently with an outward score of 19 points.

It started with a par on the first hole for four points, a par three-pointer on the fifth and combined with three three-pointers and another four-pointer on the par 5 17th for a inward 21 points.

Perryman played to her 20 handicap, finishing with 36 points from splits of 19/17 from a run of pars on the first, second, fifth and seventh holes.

She had a wipe on the par 5 third hole, then pars on the 11th and 16th.

Rosemary Martland (15) claimed third place with 35 points, off splits of 16/19.

Her scorecard showed pars on the fifth, 11th, 15th and 17th holes, with the only red on her card on the third and 17th, with no wipes recorded.