Tuna, tuna, tuna

BARREL COUNTRY: Bernadette Pedlar with her first barrel tuna - tagged and released. Picture: SUBMITTED

By Craig Philp

WHAT an awesome run of weather we are having for the offshore anglers, with the rough stuff mid-week and near-perfect conditions for the weekend.

This week has been no different.

Tuna, tuna, tuna, from small school fish around that 10-12kg range, right up to 150 plus kilo is the story.

Straight out in front of Port MacDonnell and back towards the lighthouse anywhere from 60m out to 120m has been the most consistent area.

I have actually heard of more big tuna than the little ones, but I do have it on good authority there are plenty of small fish out off Beachport heading down this way.

A big congratulations goes to Simon Pignotti for joining the barrel club with a beautiful 100kg fish and also Daniel Mooney with a ripper just shy of 100kg.

The bottom fish out off the shelf really turned it on also, with hapuka and blue eye up to 30kg.

It is good to see fish coming from larger areas and not confined to two or three marks.

There has been no shortage of gummy or school shark and again catches have been spread out.

Out along that 100-metre line is fishing well, as is outside the kelp beds from Flinty all the way down to the border.

Whiting numbers have been excellent this week.

Inside the Port MacDonnell breakwater has been as consistent as ever.

From what most successful anglers have told me, move around until you find the fish.

If you get a couple and they go quiet, move.

Typical isn’t it really – the more effort you put in, the bigger the reward.

Cape Douglas and Carpenters Rocks have also been fishing well.

Lots of salmon reports have been pouring in from the last few days.

Lighthouse Bay, Canunda and the Beachport Salmon Hole are all fishing well.

If you are lucky, you will find fish randomly all through the day, but the hot bite has mostly been that late afternoon prime time.

Average size is up on the last few years and should improve further as winter approaches.

The mouth of the Glenelg River was opened on Friday and is now down to normal height.

As is usually the case, it has been a bit quiet, but it will not take long to be back to normal.

However, I did see a photo however of five up to a metre and a healthy bag of bream that was suggesting was caught a day or so ago.

I will keep you posted on that one.

Until next week, safe fishing.