Avoiding landfill with clever aprons

CREATIVE APRONS: Christine Agnew displays two of the cleverly designed aprons made by Kate Young.

Caroline Hammat

Inspired by being a contestant in Mount Gambier’s Recycled Runway event Kate Young is now using her sewing skills to raise funds for AC Care.

A discussion with Recycled Runway organiser and Belltower Op Shop volunteer Trudy-Anne Doyle highlighted how many second hand clothes are still sent to landfill.

Ms Young also volunteers at the Belltower Op Shop and thought she could start making aprons out of items destined for disposal.

It has been only two months since Ms Young had the idea to create her unique double sided aprons from a variety of items including shirts, pants, doona covers and even placemats.

The clothes all come from items that have remained unsold with Ms Young preferring to use pure cotton, linen or a blend of the two.

“I am absolutely surprised at what doesn’t sell at the op shop, there are lots of pure linen shirts but they are small sizes and dont sell easily.

“A lot of the aprons are made from really good labels that haven’t been worn much,” Ms Young said.

The passionate recycler originally thought she would sew garments together in a patchwork style but decided to “keep true to the original garment.”

This means labels are left on, shirt cuffs and pockets remain and most aprons include a secret pocket.

“Each one of the aprons is quite different from every other one,” she said.

“When I made the first one I thought it would just translate to the other aprons, but every shirt is constructed differently therefore every apron is constructed differently.

“It’s one of the reasons I really enjoy doing it because each one is a new challenge.”

Even the Re-Ap apron shaped swing tags are made from recycled cardboard and tied with recycled string.

Ms Young praised her fellow volunteers at the op shop who are now thinking about what items could make a good apron and put things aside for her.

McCourts Garden Centre in Millicent is the only stockist of the aprons and all money raised from the sale of the items is being donated to AC Care.

“Christine (McCourts owner) has been so supportive, I only had two made when I approached her about selling them.

“She loved them and we are so grateful for how supportive she is,” Ms Young said.