Millicent’s best in show

HORSE ON SHOW: Libby Halliday riding Libadee Park Wildcard, winner of the Millicent Racing Club OTT. Pic: Bev Copping.

Show Person

Baby of the Show: Winner Mackensie Jusup, Runner-up Alisha Reiss.

Miss Tiny Tot: Winner Elizabeth Lowndes, Runner-up Morgan Aberle.

Master Tiny Tot: Winner Stan Chambers, Runner-up Will Chambers.

Master Toddler: Winner Albert Chambers, Runner-up George Lowndes.

Miss Toddler: Winner Mila Bytheway, Runner-up Ava Stone.

Junior Show Person: Winner Addison Walker, Runner-up Riley Potter.

Senior Show Person: Winner Georgina Hahn.

Adult’s Indoor Section – Best Exhibits

Art Champion: Marianne D’Aniello.

Art Reserve Champion: Marianne D’Aniello.

The Margaret Andre Memorial Prize, outstanding painting: Natalie Lowndes.

Photography: Peter Barker.

Handicraft: Esme Guy.

Machine Embroidery: Joan Allen.

Knitting: Julie Walker.

Crocheting: Wendy Allwright.

Produce: Peter McRostie.

Cooking: Laura Wood.

Blokes Chocolate Cake: 1st Jeffery Wood, 2nd Neville Hutchesson.

CWA Lauke Savoury Scones: 1st Laura Wood, 2nd Sally Fennell, 3rd J A Wood.

Jams & Jellies: Susie Hutchesson.

Pot Plants: Sue Van Der Heul.

Champion Rose: Ian Nitschke.

Champion Bloom: Kelly Yaro.

Natives: Megan Whitehead.

Floral Art Novice: Jackie Wells.

Floral Art Open: Carol Garner.

Woodwork: John Hamill.

Wood Turning: Bruce Clayson.

Metal Work: Georgina Hahn.

Children’s Indoor Section

Best exhibit: Bonnie McKenzie

Wind Farms: R-2 Elizabeth Lowndes, 3-6 Monnie Peters, Secondary Georgina Hahn.

Art: R-2 Indi Haines, Runner-up Indi Haines, 3-6 Mia Croser, Runner-up Jack Teagle, Secondary: Kaylei Alcock, Runner-up Jemma Bowering.

Craft R-2 Archie Westerman, 3-6 Ruby Cebulski, Secondary: Hudson Simmons.

Photography: R-2 Oliver Ballantyne, 3-6 Jack Teagle, Secondary Jedidiah Vanderheul.

Cooking: R-2 Hayley Foster, 3-6 Bridie Foster, Secondary Mary Rose Vanderheul.

Little Miss Orange Cake: 1st Ella Walker, 2nd Meka Walker, 3rd Isla Carpenter.

Junior Blokes Chocolate Cake: Max Tilley

Produce: Isla Carpenter

Pot Plants: Jack Teagle

Best Cup & Saucer: 1st Ziggy Patterson, 2nd Grace Westerman, 3rd Jessica Salotti.

Junk Yard Art: 3-6 Jack Teagle, Secondary Jedidiah Vanderheul.

Cut Flowers: Champion Rose: Won by Isla Carpenter, Secondary Mary Rose Vanderheul.

Millicent Speed Shear Results

Novice: 1st Weston Rata 46.59, 2nd James Batchelor 47.06, 3rd Cameron Beaton 48.02, 4th Hayden Trowbridge 53.90, 5th Holly Chant (best local, best lady).

Intermediate: 1st Jacob Reed 28.75, 2nd Blake Petuha 32.04, 3rd Blake Mitchell 32.50, 4th Max Reeves (best local), 5th Wes Redden.

Senior: 1st Beau Harrigan 25.99, 2nd Ennis Maaka 26.53, 3rd Wills Taylor 28.16, 4th Justin Chapman 29.97, 5th Lockie Macrae.

Open: 1st Caleb Morgan 21.91, 2nd Whanake Whare 22.29, 3rd Kevin Kinita 22.72, 4th Beni Maguire 23.45, 5th Halen 23.85.

Best Locals: Open Trevor Wakefield, Senior Ben Wilson, intermediate Max Reeves, novice: Holly Chant.

Best Lady: Holly Chant.

Demo Derby

1st Tim Humby

Unique Car Display

Best in Show: Ford XB coupe owned by Justin Kain and entered by his son Mitchell.

Best Ford: Mitchell Potter.

Best Holden: Robbie Contin.

Best motorbike: Emily Combe.

Roger Smith award: Roger and Lesslie Johnson.

Shannon’s award: Damon and Michelle Randall.

Graham Surman memorial trophy: Jim Garner.

Utes / small trucks: John Hateley.

Oldest car: 1929 Dodge pickup owned by Peter Heyward.

Youngest entrant: Jayden Garner.

SALMRA – Lawn Mower Racing

Class: Junior Standard Modified: 1st William Jeanes – 120 points.

Class: Junior Super Modified J 125cc: 1st Lachlan Platt – 118 points, 2nd Cruiz Peglar – 108 points, 3rd Ella Platt – 105 Points.

Class: Junior Super Modified C 200cc: 1st Jamison Platt – 118 points, 2nd Peter Bampton jnr – 116 points.

Class: Standard Modified: Equal 1st Nick Galliford and Micheal Bottroff – 117 points, 2nd Peter Vanderbrink – 114 points, 3rd Chris Searle – 113 point.

Class: Standard Ultimate: 1st Mark Kempster – 120 Points.

Class: Super Modified C: 1st Connor Hill – 119 points, 2nd Andrew Collett – 111 points, 3rd Suzie Collett – 102 points.

Class: Super Modified B: 1st Ashley Hill – 116 points, 2nd Daniel Platt – 115 points, 3rd Micheal Peglar – 112 points.

Class: Super Modified A: Equal 1st Jamie Weller and Ivan Quinlan – 115 points, 2nd Ashley Hill – 113 points, 3rd Peter Bampton snr – 112 points.

Class: Outlaw: 1st Willem Botha – 100 points

Yard Dogs

Open: 1st Rex Hocking, 2nd Herb Cooper, 3rd Darren Jenke, 4th Darren Jenke, 5th Cloe Latty.

Improver: 1st Darren Jenke, 2nd Rex Hocking, 3rd Herb Cooper.

Novice: 1st Herb Cooper, 2nd Ian Creeper, 3rd Rex Hocking.

Maiden: 1st Herb Cooper, 2nd Chris Venter, 3rd Ian Creeper.

Encourage: 1st Nicholas Curtis, 2nd Mack Varcoe, 3rd Nicholas Curtis.


Most Successful Exhibiter Overall Stud Sheep: W & JF Osborne.

Supreme Breeders Group: B J & K A Walker.

Reserve Breeders Group: Brummy’s Blacks.

Supreme Ram: MW & JF Osborne.

Supreme Ewe: B J & K A Walker.

Reserve Supreme Sheep of the Show Jim Walker Memorial Trophy: B J & K A Walker.

Supreme Sheep of the Show Perpetual Trophy: MW & JF Osborne.

Supreme Lamb of the Show: B J & K A Walker.

Young Judges Championships

Fleece: 1st Emma Parker, 2nd Emmy Finlayson, 3rd Georgina Hahn.

Meat Sheep: 1st Emma Parker, 2nd Emmy Finlayson, 3rd Georgina Hahn.

Beef Cattle: 1st Olivia Baker, 2nd Maddi Hahn, 3rd Ema Parker.


Calf Classic: Woonallee Kathie U23.

Junior Champion Female: Woonallee Vasti T188.

Reserve Junior Champion Female: Woonallee Tinkerbell.

Senior Champion Female: Woonallee Kathie S146.

Reserve Champion Female: Nampara Sweet Pea S84.

Grand Champion Female: Woonallee Kathie S146.

Junior Champion Bull: Woonallee Told You So T31.

Reserve Junior Champion Bull: Nampara Geddes T168.

Senior Champion Bull: Nampara Platinum S340.

Grand Champion Bull: Woonallee Told You So T 31.

Alan & Betty Thompson Perpetual Memorial Supreme Beef Exhibit Trophy: Woonallee Kathie S146.

Pair of Heifers under 21 months same breed: Nampara.

Pair of Bulls same breed: Nampara Total perfection T90 & Eulypta T14.

Breeders Group of 3 animals both sexes represented: Woonallee.

Junior Handler 6-10 years: Austin Hahn.

Senior Handler 11-15 years: Maddison Hahn.

Open Handler 16 years and over: Olivia Baker.

Horse Events

Supreme Ridden Exhibit: Tanglewood Park Mascot, ridden by Lucinda Smith.

Supreme Led Exhibit: Sanlirra Artwork, owner Julie Baldock.

Brian Edwards Memorial: Wren Gardiner riding Wynara Fair Lady.

Zirka Cloud Memorial Champion Hack: DP Gangster ridden by Safari Smith.

Senior Fashions on the Field: Donna Burns.

Junior Fashions on the Field: Piper Gear.

Topsy Ring

201 LED Combination Pony ne 10 hands: 1st Georgie Braun Bella, 2nd Jorja Winter Kristamoor Lodge Bridadoon.

202 LED Combination Pony /horse 10- 14 hands: 1st Maggie Legoe Pablo, 2nd Charlie McDonald Figjam.

203 LED Combination Pony/horse over 14 hands: 1st Hayley Bowman Nike, 2nd Felicity Orton Kerranna Margarita.

204 Rider Class 3-5 years: 1st Digby Mitchell Brighthope Rookie, 2nd Jorja Winter Kristamoor Lodge Bridadoon.

205 Rider Class 6 6-9 years: 1st Swaye Deland Dalgangle Schubert, 2nd Hayley Bowman Nike.

206 Rider class 10- 16 years: 1st Charlie McDonald Figjam.

207 Pony with the longest mane and tail ne 12 hands: 1st Lilli D’Aniello Milonie Charlie Jorja Winter Kristamoor Lodge Bridadoon, 2nd Digby Mitchell Brighthope Rookie.

208 Pony/horse with longest mane and tail over 12 hands: 1st Jayson Letheby Phoenix Rising, 2nd Hayley Bowman Nike.

209 Most suitable learner pony under 12 hands: 1st Sam Bowman Marina, 2nd Julia Legoe Kenny.

Millicent Show Jumping Results

Saturday 4th November 2023

Class 150 50cm Optimum Time: 1st C Hann Thorwood Peter R, 2nd L Uotila Rivoli Bay SaHand Pepper, 3rd C Elsworthy More Lucky King, 4th P Richards Albatross.

Class 151 60cm Optimum Time: 1st P Gear Walter, 2nd K Uotila Connie, 3rd C Elsworthy More Lucky King, 4th S Edwards Napolean.

Class 152 Open 70cm – Sweepstakes: 1st L Halliday LP Goldern Willow, 2nd L Clarke N Mia, 3rd M Raedel FP Tri Dozen, 4th W Gardiner Fair Lady.

Class 152b Thoroughbred Sports Horse Association – 70cm: 1st C Collins Woolsthorpe Store, 2nd R Kenny RK Dynasty, 3rd L Halliday LP Rippingly, 4th S Edwards Kappy Lass.

Class 153 Valma Clark Memorial – Open 80cm: 1st R Kenny RK Acquisition, 2nd Z Goode Viewmont Buster, 3rd L Uotila Rivoli Bay Royal, 4th L Halliday LP Goldern Willow.

Class 153b TSHA – 80cm: 1st C Collins Woolsthorpe Store, 2nd L Halliday LP Rippingly, 3rd S Edwards Kappy Lass, 4th R Kenny RK Dynasty.

Class 154 Open 90cm: 1st S Edwards Another Country, 2nd L Goode Bellrego, 3rd T Goodes Frank, 4th Z Goode Viewmont Buster.

Class 154b TSHA – 90cm: 1st L Halliday LP Rippingly, 2nd R Kenny RK Acquisition, 3rd R Kenny RK Dynasty, 4th S Edwards Kappy Lass.

Class 155 Bob Manhood Memorial – 104cm: 1st C Foster Aris Lillian, 2nd S Edwards Another Country.

Class 155b TSHA – 104cm: 1st L Halliday Libadee Park Wildcard.

Class 156 110cm: 1st L Halliday Libadee Park Wildcard, 2nd C Foster Aris Lillian.

Class 157 115cm: 1st L Halliday Libadee Park Wildcard, 2nd C Foster Aris Lillian.

Sunday 5th November 2023

Class 158 55cm Optimum Time: 1st M McGregor Imperial Star Bright, 2nd S Foster Bahgallah Bantun, 3rd L Clarke Nathanda Mia, 4th J Williams Echo.

Class 159 65cm Optimum Time: 1st M McGregor Imperial Star Bright, 2nd K Uotila Connie, 3rd S Edwards Napolean, 4th M McGregor FW Dennis the Menace.

Class 160 80cm: 1st L Halliday LP Golden Willow, 2nd A Schultz Balena Lollypop, 3rd R Kenny RK Acquisition, 4th G Hyde Storm.

Class 161 90cm One Round Stakes: 1st S Edwards Another Country, 2nd L Halliday LP Rippingly, 3rd T Goodes Frank, 4th N Copping Belladonna.

Class 162 100cm: 1st S Edwards Another Country, 2nd L Halliday LP Wildcard, 3rd R Kenny RK Acquisition, 4th T Goodes Frank.

Class 163 110cm – Open: 1st L Halliday Libadee Park Wildcard.

Stockman’s Challenge

Junior: 1st Layla Clarke – Nathanda Mia, 2nd Jacqui Altus – Meg, 3rd Charlotte Ellul – Hannah.

Encourage: 1st Ricky Smith – Wannon Shadowfax, 2nd MacKenzie Richards-Fennell – Showtyme Shy, 3rd Larnie Hobbs – King of Everything.

Novice: 1st Kira Melano – Diesel, 2nd Jodie Deland – Ripp, 3rd Donna Burns – Dunc’s Gambler.

Open: 1st Simon Ellul – Jazz, Annette Thomas – Jed, 3rd Amanda Clarke – Twistydale Jagger.

Australian Stockhorse: Ricky Smith – Wannon Shadowfax.

Quarter Horse: Kira Melano – Diesel.

Thoroughbred: Larnie Hobbs – King of Everything.

Local: McKenzie Richards Fennell – Showtyme.