Funding assists community groups

WELCOME: The entrance to Connies Walk which will be upgraded to improve accessibility.

Caroline Hammat

Grants to the total of $9978 have been awarded to five groups by Wattle Range Council (WRC) in round two of their community grant funding for the 2023/24 financial year.

One of the successful recipients is the Southend Progress Association which has received $2000 toward a $10,440 upgrade to Connies Walk.

The grant complements a $6600 grant from the Stand Like Stone Foundation secured late last year.

Connies Walk is a small section of bushland along Cape Buffon Drive on the northern side of the bridge.

It is a section of the trail which follows the drain along and comes out close to the Southend Community Centre.

For many years a small group of Southend residents have contributed to beautifying the area, and in 2008 the space was named after local resident, Connie Chambers.

An important aspect of the project is to resurface the trail and create an accessible entry to the walkway for those in wheelchairs, with mobility aids and with prams.

Italian box trees and other substantial feral trees, which are too large to be removed by hand, will be bulldozed and removed with heavy machinery.

The front garden bed facing Cape Buffon Drive will have a top layer of soil added, with plants purchased and propagated for the area.

Ruth Vander Hoek is a member of the group caring for Connies Walk and described the trail section as more like a small contemplative park setting.

Recently hosting a propagation workshop in collaboration with the WRC school holiday program, Ms Vander Hoek said: “It was a joy to do the propagating workshop. We met at the bridge and did a little walk along and looked at some of the plants in there, the coastal currants and native cherries that birds feed on. We had a go at propagating them and we will put in plants that will attract butterflies and others that will feed birds.”

Other successful grant recipients include $1,593 for the National Trust Glencoe Branch to place a concrete slab in front of their existing outside toilets improving safe access.

Nangwarry Museum and Community Hall received $2000 to place a fence around a forwarder donated for display.

Millicent Shooting Starz Girl Guides were successful in seeking funding of $1463 to refurbish their games trailer used to transport giant games for community events and fundraising activities.

Beachport Surf Life Saving Club continue their Water Wise Off Grid Precinct project with $2000 contributing to the allocation of slimline water tanks and plumbing access.

This allows the club to clean their resources with rainwater after use to improve the longevity of their equipment.

Penola PA & H Society received $922 to assist in the purchase of a hydraulic trolley to aid in lifting heavy items.