Major projects highlighted

REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT: Tatiara District Council Mayor Liz Goossens supports the Regional Development Association project list. Picture: FILE

Charlotte Varcoe

A NUMBER of Limestone Coast projects have been highlighted by the Regional Development Association (RDA) as critical for the regions.

The Mount Gambier Saleyards Transformation Project, Bordertown water supply, Kingston childcare centre and the Naracoorte Caves development have all been highlighted by the association as part of its five year Infrastructure Prioritisation report.

RDA Limestone Coast chairperson Evan Flint said the association put out the top 10 projects every five years to ensure the public was aware of them.

“We do not actually have access to money but we do have access to the government and ministers and we just keep raising these important things and hope one day they will attract funding and it will be done,” Mr Flint said.

“We are funded by three levels of government so we are always talking to the relevant minister and we are on board to help identify what is going on.”

He said when the projects were funded it showed the governments did listen with the RDA consistently showing support.

“We help finalise submissions, we do not write them but we can sit back and go through them and show them how they can also improve,” Mr Flint said.

He said the projects highlighted at the moment helped the ongoing economics of the region.

“We just try and help influence the State and Federal Government investment policy people and do get some success,” he said.

Tatiara District Council Mayor Liz Goossens welcomed the support for the Bordertown water supply project stating it was a critical issue to help expand the town.

“We have done a lot of work on this over the last 12 months bringing it to the State Government’s attention but it is one of those things where we need a lot of people to get on board with it because it is such a huge problem,” Ms Goossens said.

“What we are looking to do is in two different phases and the first is to purchase a couple of blocks from an industrial estate and put in new water storage with a pump station to pump it into the town at this stage.”

She said this first stage would assist with industrial estate and the Ramsay Street development of up to 55 homes.

“It is about looking to investigate and see what real options that we do have certainly been put into their plan,” Ms Goossens said.

“It needs to be signed off by the government bodies and try and bring it forward because the water supply and quality has deteriorated and so we are going to have to investigate long term options.”

She said the council was happy with any and all support given to the projects across the region.

District Council of Grant chief executive Darryl Whicker said council had worked alongside the RDA on a number of initiatives and was thrilled the saleyards development has been identified as a project of major significance.

“We are thankful for the ongoing support and advocacy,” Mr Whicker said.