Safety centre receives praise from SAPOL

SAFETY SESSION: Fletcher White, Kai Sawtell and Maya Biszko with Jeff the Road Safety Dog and Constable Rhys Dowdell.

Caroline Hammat

For the second year police officers from the Road Safety Centre in Adelaide visited Millicent for the Wattle Range Council’s school holiday program.

Last week he officers hosted four road safety training sessions over two days for bike riding children at Millicent’s Road Safety Centre

Senior Sergeant Susan O’Connor said they were starting to see students returning.

“We also came for a week last year in December and had the school’s come and visit us here, so we are starting to see a lot of repeat students as a result,” she said.

Snr Sgt O’Connor was joined by Snr Constable Nicholas Lomman, Constable Rhys Dowdell and Jeff the Road Safety Dog.

After a recent upgrade to the bicycles at the Adelaide centre the group were able to secure five bikes and helmets to donate to the Millicent centre.

These bikes add to previous ones they have already donated to the centre.

“As part of our relationship with the council here and also the Millicent Men’s Shed they have agreed to maintain the bikes for us,” Snr Sgt O’Connor said.

“The Men’s Shed came in last week and cleaned them all up and made sure everything was going so we could just hit the ground running on Tuesday when we arrived.

“It’s a good arrangement to make sure we can put on a program like this and it means we don’t have to travel with 30 bikes.

“Some students bring their own bikes but to have some here that have been maintained and looked after is great.”

Sgt O’Connor said the Millicent centre was one of the largest in the state outside of Adelaide and praised the standard at which it is maintained.

“It’s really well looked after.

“The barbecue is new addition since we were here last, every time we come there seems to be a new addition.”