EV charger catalogue expanded at Penola

CHARGED UP: The Penola Coonawarra Caravan Park is now able to service all customers of the park with electric vehicles with three new charging stations. Picture: UNSPLASH

Tyler Redway

THREE new electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have been officially opened to customers of the Penola Coonawarra Caravan Park.

The chargers were originally commissioned in October 2023 to manage the rising number of EVs in the region.

Penola Coonawarra Caravan Park management members Robert and Sally Chadwick said the chargers were planned to be built once current owner Nathan Seal took ownership of the park back in 2022.

“He (Mr Seal) is very keen on the environment and sustainability with water saving, recycling rubbish, solar power, LED lighting and now the charging stations which promotes the use of clean and sustainable energy sources,” Mr and Ms Chadwick said.

“The benefits are not only for the caravan park but the local town as guests planning on visiting Penola and Coonawarra can extend their stay without worrying about their EVs battery running out while staying in town.

“With suitable charging stations in town, it encourages visitors not to bypass as there are now charging stations that can be used.”

Mr and Ms Chadwick said the charging stations also encouraged visitors with EVs to stay for longer in the Limestone Coast instead of going back home due to the need of charging their vehicle batteries.

“The stations provide a safe, accessible and convenient way for guests to recharge their vehicle while staying at the caravan park,” they said.

“ This allows for longer trips and more time spent exploring the great things on offer around Penola and Coonawarra as well as the Limestone Coast.”