Nene Valley waste transfer station revoked

WASTE TRANFER STATION: The Nene Valley waste transfer station land will be revoked. Picture: FILE

Charlotte Varcoe

THE District Council of Grant has decided to continue to revoke the community land status of Nene Valley Waste Transfer Station.

Elected members made the decision after a council report was tabled at the recent meeting which followed from its Community Land Review Project.

The parcel of land at Nene Valley was crown land which had been dedicated to council’s care, control and management.

Due to this, there were additional steps required in the revocation process including approval of the relevant minister or their delegate.

The revocation was put out for community consultation with no responses while both the state government and the Department for Environment and Water approved the process.

Council chief executive Darryl Whicker said elected members were now in the final stages of revoking community land status on what was the former waste transfer station which had since been rehabilitated.

“The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) licence was surrendered and essentially it is in a location that is not conducive to that community value or amenity which has resulted in adjustments to the community land management plans and revocation status,” Mr Whicker said.

“This means council will still maintain it but there is no envisaged plan.

“The rehabilitation of the former waste transfer station and surrender of the licence has been a long time coming and the process of community land revocation complaints and this is noting it is a proximity and is not conducive to community activity but better land vested in council for ongoing management and maintenance.”